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Digital marketing course

It is extremely imported factor for every business to achieve their target customers that is the sole reason we are offering internet and digital marketing courses in Delhi.
Digital marketing is one of the best and optimal approaches to gain maximum exposure by selling products and services online.
It has become extremely important to use digital marketing and internet marketing to keep up the prominence of the brand in the eyes of search engines and most importantly customers We provide advanced internet marketing training courses. we stand out among one the most affordable internet marketing institute in Delhi.
We are the one who furnish on preparing live ventures with the objective in mind that students can comprehend the key thoughts of digital marketing.
we also provide one free website if you join our course, so that you can enhance your practical knowledge and can apply them within the learning process and can gain full assurance to achieve effective work that is getting rank in Google, SMO, SEO, PPC, blogging etc.

What Internet Marketing actually is?

It is online marketing which covers all the major aspects like search engine optimization,social media optimization,pay per click optimization, professional blogging,affiliate marketing, and Google AdSense, email marketing.
It is a bunch of strategies which help you get ranked in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Most Important Part of Digital Marketing. It’s all about how to market and remarket your product and services on all the major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing using two major strategies called on page and off page SEO. If these strategies are properly used, these will help you get ranking above against your competitors. It is intensely important to analyze your competitors to get success in digital or internet marketing. Google has become very strict about their ranking and indexing policy as it makes regular updates in its algorithms to get all the spammers out of the search engine result pages.
It has become mandatory to do quality work for your website to survive and gain benefit from the online presence Our digital marketing course focuses on quality as well as the durability to achieve long-term results.We provide online as well as offline courses to facilitate our students.

What is SMO (Social Media Optimization)?

The second most essential aspect of online marketing Social media optimization is all about promoting your brand on social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus and other major social media and networking websites.
SMO helps you achieve an online reputation of your brand, as you can generate thousands of queries through social media if you rightly know the strategies to be used in SMO

What is PPC (Pay per Click)

The Very Important in Digital Marketing PPC is also known as the paid advertisements. You can get space on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and other reputed sites in order run your advertisement campaigns Whenever a visitor clicks on your site, you have to pay these platforms that’s why it is called Pay Per Click
We know very well that anyone can start his or her PPC campaigns on these websites without having any awareness of PPC but after doing the PPC course you will be able to lower the cost of clicks at least 50% less than previously spent cost, you are receiving from these sites.

Content Writing and Marketing

Content is known as king in Digital Marketing.
Learn how to write & market catchy & unique content to divert traffic on our websites.
As the content is the king, a good quality content on your website can make your website rank much upwards than others!

What is Professional blogging? And what is affiliates and AdSense all about?

You can do blogging using word press and monetize your blogs using affiliate marketing and AdSense to earn a good amount of money every month.
We will give you full training during our course at NIAMC on how to blog and how to earn well with blogging and using affiliates and AdSense programs.
We will also provide a list of Indian and around the world bloggers who are earning huge amount of money every month with blogging

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an Advertisement Program which helps you get advertisements for your blogs & websites.
It can help you make ample amount of money online.
Learn how to subscribe & use AdSense to your own websites & blogs.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an aproach of monetizing website with a commission based program.
Learn how to select, apply, affiliate and monetize your blog or website with it.

Email Marketing

It is one of the best digital marketing approach also incurring the lowest cost as we target a huge amount of audience just by emailing them.
Learn how to create and send emails to thousands of target audience.

Mobile Marketing

It is another best method of digital marketing.
This is an impressive technique used to send messages to a large amount of audience at the same time through your computer.
You will get to learn and enhance the best strategies of mobile marketing

Online reputation Management

It is very important for an online business to sell a product or service; no business can survive without a healthy and long-lasting prestige.

Google keyword planner

It is one of the best and efficient tools available for keyword research.
Digital marketing is totally incomplete and reckless without proper keyword research and for this we will see how to find the best keywords for our digital marketing campaigns

Google webmaster tools

This tool helps us to analyse the performance of our website in the search engines.
We can optimize our websites performance easily and can get maximum exposure with the help of Google webmaster tools


It’s a dream of every digital marketer. Learn how to be a smart freelance and how to grab multiple projects online and earn handsome living with the help of freelancing.
We hope that now you understand the basic concepts of internet marketing course.

Video editing course


The advance course in video editing and composting is a course offered by NIAMC, one of the growing institutes in Delhi.
This course was created 10 years ago and it is steadily updated to reflect the new trends in audio and video editing and compositing. This course is targeting to those students who want to have a career in video editing for television programs, films, documentaries and work in leading and upcoming video editing companies across the country Students in NIAMC are trained professionally and artistically so that they can think what part of the movie should be included or excluded.
We provide training on latest versions software of video editing such as FCP, adobe premiere PRO and after Effects.
Students will be instructed from basic to advance of video editing for films and televisions.
Video editing is a dynamic mechanism in which we can edit the different segments of video footage, sound recording,special effects.
NIAMC provides top-quality courses and students can trust upon us so that they can shape and enhance their career in the field of video editing We provide a practical classroom training sessions for video editing courses in Delhi along with self-development motivations in order to ensure that each students natural creativity is completely acknowledged and targeted for employment and skill development. Our trainers are industry experts which gives good opportunity for placements due to industry networking as well as skill development.


The main motive of this course is to provide and produce international standard editors who will be able to work anywhere in the world as video editors and compositors either as a freelancer(Part time) or with a proper video editing studio. This course uses the most popular and updated software in teaching both video and audio editing to increase and enhance the students employability with the flexible schedules including team projects, seminars, assignments and complete portfolio development.It is a total practical course will enrich you with all the skills of video editing.


Our video editing course is broken down into several segments these include:-

  • Visual effects
  • Broadcast design
  • 3d composition
  • Nonlinear editing
  • Media management
  • Composition of sound
  • Syncing the sound with video
  • Portfolio and placements


The courses we provide are more specificially detailed and comprehensive than the most video editing courses in Delhi.

  • Broadcast Designing
  • Film Compositing
  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics

Projects that would be provided

These projects will be appraise by industry experts as well as professionals that carry out some form of video editing services

  • Logo Animation
  • Montage for television shows
  • Video Editing and effects incorporation for the television shows
  • 3D Composition
  • Music and Video Production
  • Film Editing and correction of color

Adobe photoshop training course

Create powerful images with the industry standards. Experience an incredible editing experience in full freedom and in a non-destructive workflow. You can edit images and output


Adobe Photoshop is a graphic image editing tool that is prominently used around the world of designs, film making, and photographyas well as print.
Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC are the latest versions of the software present in the market with the creative clouds options.
Niamc is the growing institute providing the unmatched training solutions in the Photoshop CC If you want to learn how to use themost popular graphic and photo editing software with ease NIAMC is one of the best Photoshop institute which offers highly advanced and professional adobe Photoshop training in Delhi.
We not only provide basic training for Photoshop rather than we make our students work practically i.e. on various projects which give them real time experience on photo retouching, text effects ,editing of image, text effects, background designing, cut-outs, image manipulations, layouting etc.
Photoshop offers you numerous opportunities to make your images look stunnig beautiful and eye-catchy as it is the only image editing application which is used to manipulate your digital photographs and images and enhance them.

Who can join the course of adobe Photoshop in NIAMC?

Absolutely there is no experience required for the course, the course shows you how to work with Photoshop and become an expert Anyone who has an interest in image editing, image manipulation, collage making and creating various effects can join the course.


It is a course that will teach all its students the tools and functionality of the adobe Photoshop software so that they can use it for designing, editing, simulation and Manipulation.


  • Introduction to the Photoshop interface
  • Photoshop’s tools, preferences and workspace
  • Finding the images and then processing them
  • Creating a new image, resizing it and adjusting its resolutions
  • Working with the text
  • Working with the vector shapes
  • Selections and channels
  • Layers, layer masks
  • Blending the modes and smart object
  • Working with professional technique of cut out making
  • Lightening, darkening and changing contrast
  • Enhancing, retouching and correcting the images
  • Noise,dust,jagged edges,pixelization,grain
  • Color correction and color changes
  • Distortion effects and text effects
  • Opacity,transparency,silhouettes and image collages
  • Retouching along with restoring the digital images
  • Publishing and file formats
  • Working with 3D IMAGES
  • Filters and layer styles chapter


Color balancing, contrasting, cropping, retouching, brush and filter effects, matte as well as digital painting, compositing, image manipulation, test effects, special effects, banners, covers ads, photo montage, wallpapers, posters , boards etc.

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  • NIAMC has given me really the best knowledge to with stand in my carrier i have just passed from D.U. was loking for skill i found NIAMC it has relly provided me great training thank you so much NIAMC.

    Praveen,New delhi
  • I was looking for the video editing course i found this NIAMC it really tought me nicly and now i am quite confidance regarding the vidio editing.I have my own you tube chanel and earning quite good as well.

    Deepak,kamla nagar
  • I did this photoshop editing course from NIAMC for school purpose. they are really nice and tought me very nicly thank you NIAMC.

    Neharika,shakti nagar