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NIAMC was established in 2018 with an aim to provide high-quality education to its students. NIAMC is a well known institute in Delhi offering some great and professional courses. Innovation is very important in daily life to become different from others. NIAMC has innovated standardised topics for learning new skills and topics in depth with our courses. Our objective is to provide standard, professional and practical training to our students. There are lots of institutes today that charges a huge amount from you and didn’t provide you what you deserve. We value your money and offer professional training programs such as stock market technical analysis, digital marketing, ethical hacking, PHP and Web designing and many more at a really affordable cost.

Our goal is to satisfy our students completely so that they only give us positive reviews. So far we have trained more than 2000 students in a term of six years and all the students are completely satisfied with our trainers. We never focus on taking out big cash from your pockets but only charge suitable amount and give most excellent valueable and services to your money.

We have a great stature in providing high quality training and we already have delivered lectures on stock market, ethical hacking and digital marketing in the universities and colleges. We have also conducted workshops and seminars at Delhi University Colleges. We are gaining popularity constantly and we have maintain the standard till now. We never deal with our standards of delivering high quality lectures to our students. We fulfill promises with our students and never play with their careers. So, if you too would not like to be catch in the hands of money-making people than JOIN NIAMC NOW!

Our Experts

Hemant sharma

M.B.A ( Marketing & Finance )

I have been into the marketing field for more than 15 years. I have been working with NIAMC with an objective to share my extensive knowledge with students, business owners and new entrepreneurs to guide them towards success path of their career. .

I have seen people wasting money over courses that do not provide much options in terms of job or career opportunities.

NIAMC aims to teach all the courses to its learners practically with real-life examples.The modules have been designed in such a way that it will empower the internal strength of students. Resulting in reflecting the hidden creativity in your work.

Jetender sharma

M.B.A ( Bussiness Analysis )

Being a business analyst, I have seen people making risks without having complete knowledge of stats and data. I always wanted to share my knowledge with those who aspire to become entrepreneurs or set up their own business. .

That is why we have designed all the aspects of google analytics in different modules in order to provide better understanding of using data analytics in business.

My main objective is to spread knowledge empowerment among the students.

Geeta Mishra

Multimedia Expert

Being multimedia specialist I have been to this field for long time I wanted to share my existing knowledge to as many as possible .

I have designed the multimedia course as such that any one can understand in depth..of it very easily ...and can create videos ....great images ...design the graphic and also can show it's stuff on you tube very well .

I have been into this field and knows the depth of it ..with bit seo any one can earn good amount of money out of it.

My main objective is to make people use it's creativity ... Into there daily life .

Shyam Gupta

Digital Marketing Expert

These days digital marketing has become a booming industry. I have been working in this field for 6 years..

Every company be it small or reputed firm need to sell their products or generate leads through the internet. And a business can grow quickly only with the help of right techniques used in digital marketing. .

The scope and career opportunities in digital marketing is rapidly increasing as the world is growing digitally with a fast pace. My main objective is to spread the knowledge of digital marketing to as many people as I can.

I have develop many business and have given business guidance for many firms and even I do have my own business involving this digital marketing.

I have lot to share as part of my experience andMy objective is to make the people more aware about digital marketing most genuine way and become master of digital marketing.

Shivangi Aggarwal

Social Media Expert

I am a social media expert and I have been working on social media accounts for handling businesses for a long time.I have handled my famous social profile and still maintain I know depth of social media and know how to utilize the social media for business conversion.

Have been doing social media optimization and social media marketing .

I have a lot to teach about social media optimization and social media marketing.

My objective is to make people aware of the usage of social media for earning money. I also have knowle dge of brand hacking and viral marketing. I even know brand hacking and viral marketing .

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NIAMC Testimonials

  • NIAMC has given me really the best knowledge to with stand in my carrier i have just passed from D.U. was loking for skill i found NIAMC it has relly provided me great training thank you so much NIAMC.

    Praveen,New delhi
  • I was looking for the video editing course i found this NIAMC it really tought me nicly and now i am quite confidance regarding the vidio editing.I have my own you tube chanel and earning quite good as well.

    Deepak,kamla nagar
  • I did this photoshop editing course from NIAMC for school purpose. they are really nice and tought me very nicly thank you NIAMC.

    Neharika,shakti nagar