Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Looking for Digital Marketing Course in Delhi with Certifications, Placement & with affordable Fee? Fortunately, you landed at the right place! NIAMC is the pioneer in providing digital marketing training and have trained more than 1 lakhs students and help them to become professional digital marketers.

What Digital Marketing basically is?:

Digital Marketing is an Internet platform through which we can create conversions, leads and business. A well planned and structured digital marketing plan is what that drives targeted customers to our business. It is the marketing through the platform of digital assets that eventually bring the clients. Gone are the days of traditional marketing methods such as pamplet and banner marketing, print media marketing and billboard marketing. Today is the modern era and people are searching online to find out the things they are looking for.

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Digital Marketing Course for Business Growth:

Digital marketing has now become a source of advertisement for every small, medium-sized or large scale business. All of the traditional modes of advertisements are now switching to Digital marketing modes. In fact in the year 2019, apporoximately every business whether big or small is using digital marketing modes for their brand awareness campaigns and for generating leads and conversions. NIAMC has designed a digital marketing training program that can help your business to grow and you yourself will be able to handle your digital marketing campaigns..

Digital Marketing Training for Jobs:

In present world every business requires a digital marketing expert who can handle all the digital marketing tasks of their company. It is therefore a huge demand of proficent digital marketers in Delhi who can professionally handle the digital marketing campaigns of the clients. A well-structured digital marketing training program would outcome in providing expert digital marketers who can fulfill the requirements of the different companies. NIAMC while keeping all the aspects in mind would focus each and every student to make them enough capable so that they can cope up with the requirements of the company.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Program by NIAMC:

  • 100% Placement assistance for both freshers and experienced.
  • Live-Projects and In-hand training experience.
  • How Digital Marketing generate Leads?
  • International Certifications of Digital Marketing
  • Interview Preparation for Jobs
  • Traditional Marketing v/s Digital Marketing.
  • Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing to Earn Online Money.

NIAMC is among the list of top digital marketing institutes in Delhi having lots of positive reviews, ratings and feeback online from the students who previously enrolled with our digital marketing program. We have a rating of 4.8 in Google reviews by our students on Google ratings for our digital marketing course. We have experienced and skillfull faculties for digital marketing which will guide you step by step about the digital marketing concepts and let you know how you can create a successful digital marketing campaign that yields business, leads and conversions.

Features of Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing course offered by NIAMC will form strong foundation for the students of BBA, MBA, MCA, and also for students who are looking to make their career in marketing. As the MBA students already have the knowledge of offline marketing methods, after the completion of our course they would have complete knowledge of online marketing methods also. They would have huge demands in the industry after the completion of our digital marketing course.

Other Institutes in Delhi are charging more than 40,000 for the same digital marketing course for which we are charging only 30,000/-. So, dont waste your hard earned money and join NIAMC now! Call us @ 9315596823

If you are interested in doing Digital Marketing Course than get in touch using the contact us form or you can directly email us at or use the phone numbers to contact us. Call Now 9315596823

Google-Certified Teachers

We do have a team of experts and Google-Facebook Certified faculties who do have years of experience in the industry of digital marketing.

Practical Classroom Sessions

We provide live practical classroom training sessions on Live Projects where students will have hands-on training experience.

Small Batch Size

In order to have individual attentions to each students, we make small size of batches i.e normally of 7 to 9 students only

Free Tools Worth 80k+

We provide SEO,SMO, PPC Tools and Software to systematicly organize your digital marketing campaigns.

20 Industry Certifications

We also provide Google, hubspost and other industry-specific certifications to our students after examination.

Rating 4.8/5 in Google

We do have lots of positive ratings, feedback, and online reviews from our students and we are one of the top-rated institute according to Google.

100% Placement

We provide 100% Placement assistance to our students if they are seeking for Jobs in national and international companies.

Weekday/Weekend Batches

We provide both weekdays and weekend batches. So, even if you are working you can join us on weekends or only on sunday basis.

E-books and Tutorials

We also provide E-books and Tutorials of digital marketing so that you can learn by yourself whatever we are teaching practically.

Competitive Prices

For the same 30 modules, other institutes are charging a whooping amount of more than 50 thousands but here at NIAMC we are charging only 35 thousands.

Official Curriculum

The curriculum for the ethical hacking is designed by expert and professional digital marketers and based on latest concepts in the market

Free Website, Domain & Hosting

We also provide one year domain+hosting for your website, so that you can implement practically whatever we teach at institute.

Our Modules

1.Overview of Digital Marketing

  •  What Digital Marketing Exactly Is?
  •  What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
  •   What is SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)?
  •  What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?
  •   What is SMO (Social Media Optimization)?
  •   What is SMM (Social Media Marketing)?
  •   What is Blogging & Purpose of Blogging?
  •   What is Adsense& Affiliates?
  •   What is Email Marketing?
  •   What is Mobile Marketing?
  •   What is Online Reputation Management?

2.Module2 – All about Domains

  •  What is domain and how to purchase domain
  •   Different type of domain and domain extensions
  •   How to use domain
  •  Knowing history of domain and domain extensions
  •   Which type of domain is to work upon
  •   Creating ftp account
  • module
  • module
  • module
  • module

Module3- how to create website with wordpress

  •   What is wordpress
  •   How to install wordpress
  •   Handling wordpress
  •   How to install wordpress theme
  •  What is plugin
  •   How to create page post categories tags
  •   Smart plugins (how to use them)
  •   Paid plugins installation
  •  Developing e-commerce projects
  •  Optimization of e-commerce website
  •   Google keyword planner
  •  NIAMC third module

Module4 – All about SSL(https)

  •  What is SSL certification
  •  Need of SSL certification
  •  How to install SSL certification on domain
  •  How to redirect domain from HTTP to HTTPS
  •  Difference between WWW and non WWW domain expansion
  • mod4

Module5- how to create website on html

  •   What is html
  •   Elements of html
  •   Page structuring
  •   Folder structuring
  •   Website evolving
  •   What is tempelate
  •   Html tempelate editing( website evolving)
  • Module5
  • Module5

Module6 – All about Domains

  •  What is hosting ,how to purchase to hosting and which hosting to buy
  •  Different functions of hosting
  •   How to use the tools of hosting
  •   Wordpress installation
  •  Blog evolving
  •  Blog installation
  •  Connecting domain with hosting
  •   Connecting hosting with domain

Module7–Keyword research

  •  Google keyword planner
  •  What are Keywords and Key phrases
  •   Why Keywords are Important in SEO
  •  What is Keywords Research
  •  Why Keyword Research in Important in SEO
  •  What is Google Keyword Planner
  •   How to Use Google Keyword Planner
  •   Analyzing Keyword Competition
  •   Exact, Phrase and Broad Match in Keywords Research
  •   Finding Best Keywords for Our Website.
  • tool
  •   Finding best keyword for business
  •   Analyzing keyword competition level
  •   Four level of keyword competition
  •   Which keywords to be used

Module8 – On page optimisationseo

  •  Getting Started with Head Section
  •   Understanding On Page SEO?
  •   Domain Name Selection & URL Structuring
  •   Head Section Optimization
  •   Meta Tags Optimization
  •  Optimizing Title Tags, Description Tags, Keywords Tags, Robots Tags
  •  Optimizing Open Graph Tags
  •  Redirection Tags
  •  SEO Friendly Content Writing
  •   Heading Optimization
  •   Keyword Density, Keyword Spamming and Keyword Stuffing
  •   LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Technique
  •   Image Optimization Strategies
  •  Link Optimization Strategies
  •   Robots File Creation
  •   XML Sitemap Creation
  •   Sitemap Submissions
  •   Alexa Integration

Module9–Structure and speed optimisation

  •  Code optimization
    •  html optimization
    •  ccs optimization
    •  js optimization
  •  File optimization
    •  image optimization
    •  HT access

Module10 – Off page optimisationseo

  •   What is Off Page SEO?
  •   Why Off Page is Important?
  •  What Are Backlinks?
  •   Backlinks Creation Methods
  •   Difference Between Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks
  •   What is Google Page Rank
  •  How To Increase Google Page Rank
  •   Web Directory Submissions
  •   Social Bookmarking
  •   Article Writing & Submission
  •  Press Release Writing & Submissions
  •   Comment Writing
  •  Guest Blogging
  •   Classifieds posting
  •   Forum Posting
  •   Link Exchange (one way, two way and three way)
  •  Search Engine Submissions
  •   RSS Feeds

Module11 – advance off page seo

  •   How to get good links of high quality domains
  •   Strategy to drag users to site through links
  •   Internal linking process
  •   Location extension page concept
  •   Guest blogging
  •   Extraordinary link gaining
    •  google
    •  Google plus
    •   Facebook
    •  Google map
    •  YouTube
    •   linden
    •   twitter
    •  scoop it
  •  Concept of micro blogging and getting links out of it

Module12 – all about google algorithms and its impact on ranking

  •   What Are Search Engine Algorithms
  •   Why Search Engine Create Algorithms
  •  Different algorithms of Google
    •  google panda
    •   emd
    •   humming bird
    •  caffeine
    •   penguin
    •  pigeon
    •  mobile friendly update
    •   rank brain
    •   possum
    •   fred

Module13 – Content marketing

  •  Understanding Content Marketing
  •  Importance of content in Digital Marketing
  •  Creating Fresh and Unique Content
  •  Tutorials and Event Based Content Marketing
  •  Content Spinning
  •  Grammar Checker Tools
  •  Duplicate Content Checker Tools
  •  Images in Content
  •  SEO friendly Content Writing
  •  Doing content research
  •  Evolving content
  •  Including seo aspects in content
  •  Inbound methodology in content
  •  Difference between website content, blog content, article content, press release content
  •  Title and content creation for social media post
  •  Importance of hash tags in content on social media
  •  Content spamming
  •  Content hacking

Module14– seo tools

  •  Sem rush- web analyses tools free
  •  Backlink checker tool
  •  Domain authority checker tool
  •  Importance of da
  •  Why we need strong da
  •  How to improve da
  •  Page authority checker tool
  •  Plagiarism checker tool
  •  Automatic site map generator xml extension
  •  Site command
  •  Catch command
  •  Google link command
  •  What is it , how to use it in business
  •  Article rewriter tool
  •  Small seo tool
  •  Seokhazanaseo tool
  •  Module 15 Google webmaster
  • Module5
  • Module5
  • Module5
  • Module5
  • Module5
  • Module5

Module15 – google webmaster

  •  Understanding Google Webmaster Tools
  •   Importance of Google Webmaster Tools.
  •   Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools Account
  •   Adding Websites to Google Webmaster Tools
  •   Tracking the performance of website in Google Webmaster Tools
  •   Tracking clicks, Impressions, site Position and CTR’s
  •   Google Manual Penalties
  •   Google Automatic Penalties
  •  Using Google Link Disavow Tool
  •   www and Non www website versions
  •   GEO Targeting through GWT
  •   Link Analysis through GWT
  •   Internal Link Analysis through GWT

Module16 – Google analytics tools

  •   Understanding Google Analytics Tool
  •   Why Google Analytics Tool is Important
  •   Starting with Google Analytics Tool
  •   Setup an account with Google Analytics Tool
  •   Adding site to GAT
  •   Tracking visitors through GAT
  •   Location, Browser, OS and Device tracking through
  •   GAT Real time and offline tracking through GAT
  •   USE behavior tracking through GAT

Module17 – Black head seo

  • Introduction
  • Basics of pbn

Module18 – Google business listing and geo targeting

  •  What is Google Business?
  •   How to get listed at Google Business Center?
  •  Google Business Verifications
  •  Setting Up your Business Profile in Google Places.
  •  Setting Up Profile Pictures and Cover Photos in Google Business.
  •   Creating Reviews in Google Places
  •   Google Business Listing Optimization

Module19 – google business listing optimisation

  •  Using review
  •  Using question answer
  •  Post creation
  •  Classified creation
  •  Link share on google map
  •  Link share on google map
  •  Link share on google map
  •  Link share on google map
  •  Link share on google map

Module20-SEM(search engine marketing)

  •  Using review
  •  Using question answer
  •  Post creation
  •  Classified creation
  •  Link share on google map

Module21–Trick of creating perfect search network add

  •   Adding site link
  •   structure sniped
  •   call extension
  •  callout extension (other extension)
  •  creating sub add groups i.e. multiple add groups in campaign
  •   perfect campaign setting (all the campaigning setting in brief)
  •   specific location targeting

Module22 –Display add network

  •   creating well define display add
  •   different targeting on display campaign
  •   creating a well narrow display add
  •   making live display adds
  •   making live display adds
  •   making live display adds
  •   making live display adds
  •   making live display adds

Module23 – video adds

  •  narrow targeting for video adds
  •  remarketing based video adds
  •  buffer add creation
  •  skippable video add creation
  •  non skippable video add creation
  •  video adds for mobile apps

Module24 – Creating perfect shopping add

  •   involving tricks in shopping adds
  •   all about Google merchant account
  •   adding product to merchant account
  •   feed in product
  •   getting approval for adwords and linking both accounts
  •   giving total finish to shopping adds and maintaining the quality of adds

Module25 – app promotional adword add

  •  creating campaign for app download
  •  app add in the similar app
  •  pop up adds in app
  •  non skipabe app downloadable adds
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download
  •  getting users for app download

Module26 – Google adword certification

  •  GoogleAdwords Exams Theoretical Preparation
  •   Sign Up for Google Adwords Certifications

Module27 – Email marketing

  •  What is Email Marketing?
  •  How to Create HTML Looking Emails?
  •  How to Send Thousands of Emails Instantly.
  •   How to get Email List?
  •   How to Save Your ID from Black Listing?
  •   Mailchamp based email marketing
  •   smart trick to make your email fall in inbox mail not getting spam
  •   Creating email subscriber page
  •   Auto adding the subscibber to user list of email

Module28–Online repudiation management

  •   what is orm
  •   how to manage orm
  •   creating positive reviews
  •   optimizing review page for leads
  •   trust pilot for orm
  •   Google map reviews
  •   review management of e-commerce platform amazon flipkart

Module29 – Mobile Marketing

  •   What is Mobile Marketing?
  •   Sign-Ups With Mobile Marketing Sites?
  •   Creating Mobile Marketing Campaigns
  •   Collecting Database
  •   Sending Bulk Messages

Module30 – What is social media basics

  •   Why social media is important for online promotion
  •   Different kind of social media sites
  •   Facebook
  •   Linkedin
  •   Stumble upon(mix)
  •   Twitter
  •   Instagram
  •   YouTube
  •   Reddiff
  •   Scoop it
  •   Tumbler
  •   Piniterest
  •   Vk
  •   Google+
  •   Blogger

Module31 – Depth of facebook

  •   how to create page on facebook
  •  how to optimize page on facebook
  •  how to make a good post
  •   Optimizing the face book post for search
  •  finding hashtag for the post
  •   hacking trick for facebook
  •   rcreating likes
  •   optimizing facebook account

Module32 – Facebook PPC

  •   how to boost post on facebook
  •   how to do narrow targeting on boost post
  •   creating facebook ppc
  •   types of facebook post add
    •  awareness
    •  Brand awareness
    •  reach
    •  consideration
  •  Traffic
  •   Engagement
  •  App install
  •  Video views
  •   Lead generation
  •   Messages
  •  Conversions
  •   Conversion
  •  Catalogue sale
  •   store visit

Module33 –Instagram

  •  How to create the instagram business profile
  •  Brand promotion on instagram
  •  Finding hashtags
  •  Adding friend circle
  •  Growing followers on instagram
  •  Knowing your audience
  •  Converting leads from instagram

Module34 – Youtube

  •  Creating perfect YouTube channel
  •   Verifying your YouTube channel
  •   Adding video to YouTube with seo parameter
  •   Getting views on YouTube video
  •   Making YouTube videos viral
  •   Adding adsence with YouTube
  •  Analytic Analyses of YouTube
  •   Tracking audience views and errors
  •   Paid YouTube video promotion
  •   Boosting video to the right audience

Module35 – Twitter

  •  What is Twitter
  •  Why Twitter is Important
  •  How to Create a Twitter Business Page
  •  How Tweet Like Professionals
  •  How to Increase Twitter Followers
  •  How to Twitter Page for Organic Search

Module36 – Linkedin

  •  What is linkedin
  •  Why linkedin is Important
  •  How to Create a linkedin Business company Page
  •  How to post on linkedin and create articles and share link
  •  How to Increase linkedin Followers
  •  How to rank linkedin Page for Organic Search

Module37 – Rediff

  •  What is rediff
  •  Why rediff is important
  •  How to Create a link on rediff
  •  How to Increase link and get out of it
  •  How to rank link for Organic Search

Module38– Revision

  •   Depth revision of the course
  •   Brief explanation of important concept
  •   Guiding on main points
  •  Solving your personal doubt

Module39 –pinterest

  •  What is pinterest ? How to Create a link and post on pinterest?
  •  How to Increase link and get visitors for website
  •  How to rank link for Organic Search

Module40 – VK

  •  how to create page on VK
  •   how to optimize page on VK
  •   how to make a good post
  •   Optimizing the VK post for search
  •   finding hashtag for the posting groups
  •  hacking trick for VK
  •  creating likes on VK
  •  optimizing VK account

Module41 – Blogging through wordpress

  •   What is Blogging
  •  Purpose of Blogging
  •  How to Blog
  •  What is WordPress
  •  How to Setup a Blog on WordPress
  •  WordPress Themes
  •  WordPress Plugins
  •   Setting Up Navigations and Menus
  •   WordPress Widgets
  •   How to SEO of a WordPress Blog/ Website
  •  Internal Linking in WordPress
  •  WordPress site Backup

Module42 – Blog monetisation

  •   What is Blog Monetization
  •   Why to Monetize a Blog
  •   Blog Monetization with Google Adsense
  •   Blog Monetization with Affiliates

Module43 – Google adsense

  •   Understanding Google Adsense
  •   How to apply for Google Adsense
  •   How to easily get Approved with Adsense
  •   Difference between Text and Display Ads
  •   Placing Advertisements on you Blog or Website
  •  Custom and URL channels
  •   Optimizing Google Adsense Ads for best performance
  •   Allow and Add categories
  •  Performance Reports
  •   How to earn money with Google Adsense
  •  Getting Cheques from Google Adsense

Module44 –Affiliate marketing

  •   Understanding Affiliates Marketing
  •   Difference between Adsense and Affiliates
  •   How Affiliates Marketing works
  •   How to apply for Affiliates
  •   Direct and In-Direct Affiliates Marketers
  •   How to create coupons in Affiliates Marketing
  •   How to Earn money with Affiliates Marketing
  •  Applying as an affiliate at Amazon, Flipkart and other major Ecommerce websites
  • Optimizing Affiliates for best performance

Module45-what is E-commerce marketing

  •  Understanding Affiliates Marketing
  •   Difference between Adsense and Affiliates
  •   How Affiliates Marketing works
  •   How to apply for Affiliates
  •   Direct and In-Direct Affiliates Marketers
  •   How to create coupons in Affiliates Marketing
  •   How to Earn money with Affiliates Marketing
  •   Applying as an affiliate at Amazon, Flipkart and other major Ecommerce websites
  •   Optimizing Affiliates for best performance

Module46– Amazon E-commerce marketing

  •  How to do ecommerce marketing on amazon
  •   Creating buyers and sellers profile on amazon
  •   Optimizing amazon account

Module47 – Flipkart

  •   how to do ecommerce marketing on flipkart
  •   Creating buyers and sellers profile on flipkart
  •   Optimizing amazon account

Module48 –Lead generation

  •  What is lead generation
  •   Lead generation with SEO
  •   Lead generation with Adwords
  •   Lead generation with B2b and B2C
  •  Lead generation with SMS Marketing
  •  Lead generation with Email Marketing

Module49 –Landing pages

  •   Understanding Landing Pages
  •   Why Landing Pages are important
  •   Creating Landing Pages
  •   Landing Page Templates
  •   Landing Page Analysis

Module50– Freelancing

  •   Understanding Freelancing
  •   Freelancing Websites
  •   Sign Up with Freelancing Sites
  •   Getting Projects through freelance websites

Advance Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in the simplest form refers to advertising the products or services ofyour business through digital channels such as search engines, social media channels, apps, email, websites, etc. It is an integral way to connect with your potential customers digitally and to generate leads using digital mediums such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.

How to Define Digital Marketing?

As the use of internet is growing rapidly, the scope of digital marketing is also on a rise. According to one of the reports by PEW RESEARCH, the use of internet among the adults is increasing at a rapid rate. With an increasing use of digital marketing modes, as a result the traditional forms of marketing or offline modes of marketing are not as effective as they were before and it has become essential for each and every business today to globally aquire digital marketing to sustain in the market. Marketing means to target right audiences, right place and right time. Marketing without targeting is useless. In today's scenario you need to target the audiences where they are spending their most of the time which is over internet.

What are the different methods in Digital Marketing?

Here is the quick list of methods or the various ways that webmasters can adopt to generate leads and high conversions in digital marketing. These are the most common digital marketing strategies and approach that digital marketers can use to promote the business services or products:

Top 8 Methods of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing targeted keywords or key phrases in order to get higher rankings in the search engine's natural or organic results. One of the major benefits of the search engine optimization is that it provides traffic, visitors and leads without investment. You are able to promote your websites, blogs, social profiles, YouTube videos on search engine and you can probably increase your sales online without any investment. This is one of the free methods of the digital marketing platforms.

2. Content Marketing: Pay Per Click (PPC) is also an important and instant way of generating the leads and conversions. One of theimportant type of pay per click is Google Adwords where you are able to appear at the top positions of Google and you pay to Google for each click the user generated after searching on the Google.

3. Social Media Marketing: : Another one of the popular method of digital marketing is the usage of the power of social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the bestand useful ways of marketing to increase the brand awareness and make your visibilityonline and in the most prominent way so that it stays in the sight of social media audiences. Once you are able to create and sustain this visibility effectively, you are able to generate leads and conversions using the social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC):): Pay Per Click (PPC) is also a modern vital and instant approach of generating leads and conversions. One of the major types of pay per click is Google Adwords where you can appear at the top rank of Google and you pay to Google for every click the user click after searching on Google for the related terms to your business services or products..

5. Affiliate Marketing: This is another important form of digital marketing and it is one of the way of marketing by which the blog owners will be able to receive the commissions for promoting the products or services on their blogs or websites.

6. Marketing Automation: This way of marketing involves the use of software that automates your marketing operations. All the repetitive and scheduled marketing tasks can be done using the different kinds of marketing software such as emailing newsletters, updating the contact list, tracking of the campaign, tracking the leads and conversions etc..

7. Press releases:It is also an amazing way of digital marketing as it gives you an opportunity to appear in digital publications and magazines, blogs and other kinds of content-enriched websites. You can advertise your products or services usingthe reporters, news agencies, online PR platforms, etc..

8. Inbound Marketing:Inbound marketing involves engaging the visitors or audiences with the content marketing efforts. Using a very high quality and creative content on your blog and website can make your website attract visitors in the most effective way.

NIAMC is amongst the list ofthe top most digital marketing institutes of Delhi and therefore will always provide you enhanced knowledge and all the practical implementation of all the digital marketing methods as mentioned above. National institute of advanced management cources (NIAMC) is becoming the leading digital marketing institute in Delhi covering all the modules in its digital marketing course . Not only the above mentioned methods of digital marketing, but also the advanced modules will be covered in NIAMC digital marketing course.

What is the Scope of Digital Marketing in Delhi, India?

1. . The opportunity and scope for the digital marketing professionals is still quite big in India. A fresh graduate is easily getting a digital marketing analyst role, in which he gets a salary of 28K per month which is 5 lakh per annum, while experienced professionals can get in the limit of 8 lakh - 4 million per annum..

2.Digital marketing industry is expanding not only in India but in all the parts of the world. In the year 2016, the industry was loaded with opportunities of more than 1.5 lakh jobs in the digital marketing domain. Well, the following was a big surprise when 8.5 million jobs were marked for job opportunities in the first quarter of 2017.

3.Surveys are conducted by many forums whichhave predicted this number which will grow with digitization in the nation. Our Prime Minister is also actively and enthusiastically promoting the idea of the Digital India. PM Modi's digital India campaign has gained massive popularity. The aim of Government of India is to provide an easy service to its residents.

4.Now just imagine that when the government of India is promoting the digital interaction, what you think will be the scope of digital marketing in that nation?

What are the Career Options of Digital Marketing?

While surfing over the internet, you come across some very cool as well as fun memories, sometimes theymay be very useful to you, sometimes maybe commercials, some viral videos, some interestingly written blogs, mobile apps, etc., do you ever get fascinated by how it’s done? If your answer is positive, congratulations you liked your career and this is a career in digital marketing .

Career options after this course:-

Digital Marketing Manager or Digital Director : It won’t be wrong to say that this is the highest place in the field of digital marketing. To achieve this kind of situation, there should be an experience of atleast 5-7 years in digital marketing. Digital Marketing Manager / Director takes a lot of care of strategies for preparing the overall development of marketing, which will in turn serve more traffic, starts the digital marketing campaigns, improves the website and update it regularly.

Web developers and web designers : : These people are responsible for those amazing built websites that you see on the Internet. Web developers and web designers are used for each other, but the web developer's role is unique and interesting, while the web designer does a lot by that we mean lots of designing, coding and modifying websites that make it attractive as well as user-friendly. Java Script, JQuery, HTML, CSS and Web Programming are extremely vital for bringing this information into the role.

Social media executive and social media manager : : Job is one of the best in social media, but it is not a mistake for tweeting and Facebooking, there is more to it. As a social media executive / manager, you need to update about the latest social media trends and make strategies accordingly, make regular adjustments with the content team and client servicing team or customer support, making quality content or video etc. Information in Social media platforms and many creativity are very important for the portrayal of this job.

SEO Executive / Expert : : A well-designed website will not be of any use if the company doesn’t have such people who can promote their wbesite and thus they employ the SEO officers who ensure that the company's website on Google. SEO officers play an important responsibility for getting traffic on the website and improving Google rankings. They must ensure that content is searchable on the website, conduct keyword research, research about SEO tools, create sitemaps, and submit it and many more.

Content marketer: If you feel that you can write better than the things presented already on the web, then you are perfect for this role. The responsibilities of a content marketer include the preparation of material that has all the properties of getting viral, to ensure that the material is well promoted through SEO, coordinating with the other teams and in the content Including their input, following content trends and many more. In content marketing you will need a lot of creativity as well as profeciency of English language.

PPC / SE Expert : Sometimes useful and sometimes irritating or annoying ads that we have mentioned above have been created by these people. They generate many leads and conversion for the company and therefore there is a high demand for PPC professionals. As a PPC / SEM expert, you are about to provide suggestions for managing PPC keywords, splitting ad groups, refining landing pages, preparation of reports, advertisement copies and graphics etc.

Other roles : There are many other various roles or designations in digital marketing that depend on the company and their requirements . Some of them are:

Analytics manager

CRM Manager

Email marketing manager.

E-commerce manager

Digital agency account director

What are the Benefits of Digital Marketing?

Top 4 Benefits of Digital Marketing

#1. Measurable: As compared to the traditional form of marketing, digital marketing is much more measurable and provide you the actual data and statistics to the webmasters in real time. In case of traditional form of marketing it is extremelydifficult to estimate the amount of users that actually paid attention to the advertisements whichever maybe the medium be it of the print media, TV or banners or pamphlets etc. also, there is no way you can measure the return on investment (ROI) in case of traditional forms of marketing but in the case of digital marketing every activity of a user can be measured and you can even the return on investment is measurable.

Let's understand it with some examples:

How to Measure Website Traffic in Digital Marketing?

In thedigital marketing, webmasters can easily see the actual amount of visitors who are visiting your website. And with the help of Google Analytics, webmasters or digital marketers are able to measure each and everything happens to their website. You can easily see how many pages visitors visited, all the device they use to visit your website, and also you are able to track the location of your visitors with the data available in Google analytics.

It is because of Google analytics, you are able to decide in whatkind of segment of businessyou should spend more and with the help of the user behavior analysis, you can easily identify that which type of audiences you should target. It will help youquickly to have an account on the number of visitors interacting with your business

#2. Affordable:Digital Marketing is affordable and so the small scale and medium scale companies can also afford this as it provides you various platforms where you promote your brand or product or service. This has paved the way for small industries and provides a huge market them. As compared to TV Media or print media advertisement where a lot of efforts and money is needed and many times wasted, digital marketing can be done at low cost as well. It is dependenton the budget of the client i.e. How much he/she is ready to invest in the marketing . If you have small budgetadvertisement can be done accordingly and if the budget is huge you can target large base of audiences

#3. Speed and Reach:The service or product you want to advertise can reach to very wide audiences in a quick manner using digital marketing modes. Just with few clicks you are able to reach to wide base of audiences. You can reach search engines, social media sites as well as online magazines, YouTube and so many other internet platforms. It is a very speedy way in order to reach the targeted customers..

#4. Provides Targeted Customers: Digital Marketing is an amazing way to target only the potential customers or customerswho are interested in buying your products or services. The best part is you are able to target the audiences on the basis of what they are searching through keywords, gender, age, location etc. If you make a targeted digital marketing campaign than the chances of conversions are very high and you can also expect great return on investment (ROI).

You will be able to use all the benefits of digital marketing mentioned above after the completion of NIAMC digital marketing course in Delhi. You can grow your own business online and reach a wide audience and continue growing by increasing your business up to 30% using the digital marketing benefits. We top digital marketing which provides training on live projects. Call us now and join NIAMC for digital marketing course.

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Who Can Enroll With Digital Marketing Course?

Digital Marketing For Students


If you are a student and have cleared your intermediate or graduate or MBA, BTECH, MCA or any other degree holder and looking for job than this digital marketing course will fulfill your requirements. You can get the job in digital marketing industry as soon as you finished the course. There are near about 20 lakhs jobs in digital marketing in the coming 3 years that are awaited for you. Boost your career as a student and join our digital marketing training program. ?

Digital Marketing For ENTREPRENEURS


If you are an entrepreneur and would like to generate leads, conversions and business for your clients via digital marketing methods, digital marketing course will help you out. You can also set-up your own online e-commerce store and can generate leads using different e-commerce tools with the help of this digital marketing course. You can also work as a freelancer, blogger or YouTuber and can earn a lot using digital marketing methods. ?

Digital Marketing for professionals


If you are a professional or doing job anywhere in public or in private sector, this digital marketing training program will enhance your career by boosting your CV with digital marketing industry-endorsed certifications. This course will pave the way for an increase in your current salary as today everything is being digitalized and more and more businesses now-a-days are moving towards digital methods to generate leads and conversions. ?

Digital Marketing For Start-Ups


If you are start-up organization or a business and looking to increase your sales and conversions using online methods, digital marketing course will help you to enhance your business. Several case studies show that digital marketing methods increase the sales of a business upto 40% as compared to traditional forms of advertisements. Use digital marketing methods now joining the NIAMC digital marketing course now and increase your online sales and conversions. ?

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