Adobe Photoshop Master Course in delhi

Learn Designing for Print Media from Industry Leaders


Adobe Photoshop Master Course in delhi- LearnDesigning for the Print Media from Industry Leaders at an advance level: Classroom and Online Duration: 2 Months

Adobe Photoshop Master Course is theshort-term course where you will be able to learn how to use Photoshop from basic to an advance level.we provide best services in delhi. The main objective of this course is training the individuals in techniques of creative high-level designs which are required for the print media or graphic designing. It is Ideal for students in delhi who are ambititous to explore Photoshop, work with layer techniques, gain total understanding of how to do photo repairing, color enhancements, removing the backgrounds, merging the images, designing creative layouts for the print media, and much more.

Pre-requisites for Photoshop Course for Graphics

Familiarity with Windows or Mac operating system

Familiarity with Windows or Mac operating system

Familiarity with Windows or Mac operating system

Who will be Your Instructors in our institute in delhi?

NIAMC trainers are leaders in their fields and include real-world examples in their lectures which gives our students a definitive edge. Furthermore, they motivate the individuals as well as build assurance in individuals to become a responsible and innovative designer.

Contents Covered in Our Photoshop Course

The modules of this course are very well classified and include detailed explanation. It helps the students in learning in-depth preception of the software. The course content is summarized into step by step procedure of creating exclusive photo editing methods.

Introduction of Adobe Photoshop Interface

  • Working with the Panels and workspace
  • Working with the Layers
  • Using the Selections Tools
  • Learning the Masking Techniques
  • Window Options

Photo Correction and Manipulation Methods

  • Process of photo retouching
  • Camera Raw
  • Image distortion
  • Overview of Image Color Correction Process

Concepts of Typography

  • Making Clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • How to design Paragraphs

Generating Creative Artworks in Photoshop

  • Understanding the difference between Bitmap and Vector Images
  • Working with Pen tool
  • Usage of Path with artwork
  • Working with custom shapes and smart objects

Digital Painting

  • Mixer Brush
  • Different kinds of Brush settings
  • Application of Custom Brush Preset
  • Mixing of Colors with the Photographs Process

Learning Matte Painting and Compositing Techniques

  • Montage of Images
  • Filters and Smart Filter application
  • Importance of knowing Color Schemes
  • Drop Shadows and Border

Creating Animation and 3D Images

  • Creating3D shapes and figures
  • 3D Object Manipulation
  • How to merge the 3D Layers
  • 3D layers positioning in the Scene
  • Lighting and rendering of a 3D scene
  • Creating the effects and adding transitions to it
  • Text Animation along with keyframes

Preparing Files

  • Setting Up Crop Marks
  • Learn the Exporting and Importing for Print
  • Exporting for the Web
  • Exporting for Post Production

The creative world runs on Photoshop.

A huge number of creators, picture takers and craftsmen around the globe use Photoshop to make the incomprehensible conceivable.

Designed for anyone to design anything,

From notices to bundling, essential flags to excellent sites, remarkable logos to eye-catching symbols, Photoshop keeps the imaginative world moving. With inherent apparatuses and simple to-utilize formats, even tenderfoots can make something wondrous.we provide the best learning experience in delhi

Not just photo taking. Breathtaking.

Unconcerned of whether you are seeking for the daily or regular alters or all out changes, our visual depiction programming offer a complete arrangement of expert photography instruments which totally transforms your previews into show-stoppers. Customize, evacuate protests, trim, correct, fix old photographs are all done by Photoshop. Play with shading, impacts and more to transform the conventional photo into something veryremarkable.we provide practical experience in delhi

Power to the paintbrush.

Draw as well as paint whatever you implore up with the instruments planned particularly for artists. Paint in impeccably symmetrical examples. Get a cleaned look with stroke smoothing. Additionally , make with pencils, pens, markers brushes that vibe genuine. we provide the best photoshop course in delhi

Not Photoshop for the iPad. Photoshop on the iPad.

Create anything creative with the brushes, layers, and other tools in Photoshop wherever you’re inspired.


1 - Getting to Know the Work Area

  • Starting to know how to work in Adobe Photoshop
  • Using the basic Tools
  • Using Options Bar and Panels
  • Undoing Actions in Photoshop
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Finding Resources where Photoshop can be utilized

2 - Working with Selections

  • Using Quick Selection Tool
  • Learning to Move the Selected Area
  • Manipulating the Selections
  • Using Magic Wand Tool
  • Selecting with the Lasso Tools
  • Rotating the Selection
  • Cropping of an Image
  • Refining the Edge of a Selection

3 - Layer Basics

  • Using the Layers Panel
  • Rearranging the Layers
  • Applying a Gradient to the Layer
  • Applying a Layer Style
  • Selecting with the Lasso Tools
  • Flattening and Saving Files

4 - Basic Photo Corrections

  • Strategy for Retouching
  • Setting the Resolution and Image Size
  • Straightening and Cropping an Image
  • Making Automatic Adjustments
  • Removing the Color Cast
  • Manually Adjustment of the Tonal Range

5 - Masks and Channels

  • Creating the Quick Mask
  • Editing the Mask
  • Viewing the Channels
  • Adjusting Individual Channels
  • Loading a Mask as a Selection
  • Applying Filters as a Mask

6 - Correcting Digital Photographs

  • About Camera Raw
  • Processing the Files in Camera Raw
  • Editing Images with Vanishing-Poin
  • Correcting the Image Distortion
  • Adding Depth of the Field
  • Creating the PDF Image Gallery

7 - Typographic Design

  • Creating a Clipping Mask from Type
  • Creating a Design Element from Type
  • Using Interactive Formatting Controls
  • Warping Point Type
  • Designing a Paragraph of Type
  • Warping a Layer

8 - Advanced Layering

  • Clipping a Layer to a Shape
  • Setting Up a Vanishing Point Grid
  • Creating Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Placing Imported Artwork
  • Adding a Layer Style
  • Adding an Adjustment Layer
  • Working with Layer Comps

9 - Advanced Compositing

  • Assembling a Montage of Images
  • Applying Filters
  • Hand-Coloring Selections on a Layer
  • Applying the Smart Filters
  • Adding Drop Shadows and a Border
  • Matching Color Schemes Across Images
  • Automating a Multistep Task
  • Stitching a Panorama

10 - Preparing Files for the Web

  • Selecting a Web Design Workspace
  • Creating Slices
  • Adding Animation
  • Animating a Layer Style
  • Exporting HTML and Images
  • Using the Zoomify Feature
  • Creating a Web Gallery

11 - Producing and Printing Consistent Color

  • About the Color Management
  • Specifying the Color-Management Settings
  • Proofing of an Image
  • Identifying the Out-of-Gamut Colors
  • Adjusting of an Image and Printing a Proof
  • Saving the Image as a CMYK EPS File
  • Printing from Photoshop

12 - Tools and Palette Review

  • Preparing Your Workspace
  • Basic Editing Tools
  • Adobe Bridge
  • Selection Review
  • Basic Selection Tools
  • Quick Mask Mode
  • Layers Review
  • Working with Layers and Selections

13 - Production Essentials

  • Optimizing the Greyscale
  • Working with the Levels
  • This Histogram
  • Setting Up Images for Final Output
  • A Quick Levels Recap
  • Post adjustment Analysis

14 - Understanding Curves

  • The Power of Curves
  • Input and Output Numbers
  • The Histogram Palette
  • Shadow / Highlight
  • Color Management
  • How Color Works
  • Implementing the Color Management

Photoshop Students Feedback

"Students speak about their experience at Post Production Institute during their course they completed there. PPI is a multimedia institute providing animation coursesproduction courses, and various other short term courses that can help students build a strong career in animation and production field."

Ms. Geetika Mishra
Mulitimedia Trainer

A multimedia professional with 9+ years of experience in providing Multimedia training with expertise in post-production and VFX.5+ years experience in Digital Marketing & handling digital social media content..


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