Website Development?

Web Development or Website Development mainly refers to the task associated with developing a website for the internet. Web development process includes web design, web content development, client side/ server side scripting and network security configuration among other tasks. Website development is developed through various programming language like Html, Java, Python, Php, JavaScript, C++, My Sql, Ruby and many more.we teach them all at our institute in delhi

Programming Languages Used in Web Development

  • Html
  • Java
  • Php
  • JavaScript
  • My Sql
  • Bootstrap

Html : Html stand for Hyper Text Markup Language . It is a form of programming language that is used to make web pages on the internet visible. Html plays an important role in Web Development because each web page contains a series of connections to other pages which are commonly knowna s hyperlinks.

Java : Java is one of the language which plays an important role in web development. Java is mainly used for Web applications because it is safe and easy to use. Java is often used as backend programming language for the web..

Php : Php stands for Personal Home Page . Php is consider one of the best programming language for web development. Php is a server side scripting language run on a web server that’s designed to make dynamic web pages and applications. One of the main feature of Php is that it is platform independent and an open source software. Php can be embeded into HTML.

JavaScript : JavaScript is a client side programming language which helps web developer to do web application development and make dynamic and interactive web pages by implementing custome client side scripts. JavaScript helps in controling the behavior of different elements. Java Script is popular globally and it is supported by every browser.

Our Website Development Courses in delhi


At NIAMC training institute in delhi of Php advance course students will enhance another side of PHP at our institute. Php is an open source language and platform independent which helps us to use it in web development. Php is mainly used for web development and used for making dynamic web pages and applications because it is server side scripting language that run on a web server.

During the PHP training course at NIAMC,delhi students will learn on various aspects of Php and MySql projects for E-commerce websites development, designing database, CMS development and database optimizations. While in Php training we will also focus on Php well known framework like Laravel, Magento, Coordinator.

Php Course at NIAMC will cover larave, Object Oriented Programming commonly known as (OOPS) and design patterns of Php like MVC Design Pattern. Laravel is a framework that helps in developing big software and big websites.

Part I - Core PHP
  • What is PHP and MySQL?
  • Why PHP and MySQL?
  • Server-Side Scripting Overview
  • Getting Started with PHP
  • Exploring PHP Syntax and Variables
  • Understanding PHP Control Structures and Functions
  • Passing Information using PHP
  • Learning PHP String Handling
  • Starting Arrays
  • Learning PHP Exeption and Number Handling
  • Advanced Array Functions
  • Examining Regular Expressions
  • Working with the File System
  • Working with Cookies and Sessions
  • Learning PHP Types
  • Performing Math with PHP
  • Troubleshooting PHP

Part II - MySQL Database Integration
  • Introducition to Database and MySQL
  • Installing and configuring MySQL
  • Learning Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Learning Database Administration and Design
  • Integrating PHP and MySQL
  • Performing Database Queries
  • Integrating Web Forms and Databases
  • Improvement in Database Efficiency
  • PHP Data Object or PDO
  • Troubleshooting MySQL
Part III - Advanced PHP
  • Introducing Object-Oriented Programing(OOPS) PHP
  • Object Oriented PHP
  • Securing PHP
  • Learning PHP Configuration
  • Exceptions Handling with PHP
  • PHP Programs Debugging
  • PHP Style Learning
  • Using Log Files to Improve Site Performance
Part IV - Connections
  • Sending E-Mail with PHP
  • PHP and JavaScript Integration
  • PHP and AJAX Integration
Part V - Object Oriented PHP and PHP Framework
  • Advanced OOP – planning and designing your code for OOP
  • Implementing MySQL CRUD in Object Oriented PHP
  • Common PHP Frameworks - an overview
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Magento
  • Mock Tests & Projects on PHP Framework

Our NIAMC institute in delhi provides real time experience with placement focused Mysql training. At NIAMC we will teach student MySql from basic to advance mysql. The main work of MySql is working for adding, accessing and managing content in a database. It is used for ease, flexibility and quick processing. The teachers at NIAMC are high professional and experienced in Information Technology(IT). Our main motive build practical skills of students so that they can work on real time project and database connectivity.

MySQL Database

  • Database Beginning and Basics
  • What is DBMS and RDBMS

SQL Basics

  • Showing of Databases
  • Using the Databases
  • Role of Tables, Rows,Columns and Fields
  • Showing Tables, Columns
  • Creating a Table and Database
  • Column Types-String and Numeric
  • Criteria for Searching and Retrieving Data from a Table
  • Update an Existing Data
  • Altering a Table completely

Operators in MySQL

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Numeric Comparison Operators
  • String Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Regular Expressions

Practical with MySQL Database

  • Arranging, Sorting, Grouping and Retrieved Data
  • Limiting the Numbers of Results
  • Joining the Tables (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Join etc.)
  • More Joining Tables
  • Aggregation of Data - sum(), avg(),min(), max(),count(), first(), last(), ucase(), lcase(), mid(), len(), round(), format() etc.
C Language

C language was first developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. It is a middile level language. C is used for both machine level and high level language. NIAMC is one of the best training institute in delhi for C programming. The demand od C has been high because it has very high and rich library functions that helps to write any complex program. At NIAMC we will teach from beginning to advance C programming which will make the carreer of students bright and secure in the field of programming.

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  • NIAMC has given me really the best knowledge to with stand in my carrier i have just passed from D.U. was loking for skill i found NIAMC it has relly provided me great training thank you so much NIAMC.

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  • I was looking for the video editing course i found this NIAMC it really tought me nicly and now i am quite confidance regarding the vidio editing.I have my own you tube chanel and earning quite good as well.

    Deepak,kamla nagar
  • I did this photoshop editing course from NIAMC for school purpose. they are really nice and tought me very nicly thank you NIAMC.

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