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Looking for Digital Marketing services with affordable price? Fortunately, you landed at the right place! NIAMC is the pioneer in providing digital marketing services and we have given our services to more than 50 company them to grow as the brand .

What Digital Marketing basically is?:

Digital Marketing is an Internet platform through which we can create conversions, leads and business. A well planned and structured digital marketing plan is what that drives targeted customers to our business. It is the marketing through the platform of digital assets that eventually bring the clients. Gone are the days of traditional marketing methods such as pamplet and banner marketing, print media marketing and billboard marketing. Today is the modern era and people are searching online to find out the things they are looking for.

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Digital Marketing services for Business Growth:

Digital marketing has now become a source of advertisement for every small, medium-sized or large scale business. All of the traditional modes of advertisements are now switching to Digital marketing modes. In fact in the year 2019, apporoximately every business whether big or small is using digital marketing modes for their brand awareness campaigns and for generating leads and conversions. NIAMC has designed a digital marketing services package that can help your business to grow and attend the profit maximization

Advantages of Digital Marketing services by NIAMC:

  • years of experience.
  • International project handling of Digital Marketing
  • updated knowledge of digital marketing
  • Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing ,ecommerce handling , seo , smo etc...

NIAMC is among the list of top digital marketing services provider in Delhi having lots of positive reviews, ratings and feeback online from the client who previously has taken our digital marketing services. We have a rating of 4.8 in Google reviews by our company on Google ratings for our digital marketing services. We have experienced and skillfull group for digital marketing which will guide your brand step by step about the digital marketing concepts and let you grow successful as brand in your field .

why Digital Marketing services from us?

Google-Certified team members

We do have a team of experts and Google-Facebook Certified people who do have years of experience in the industry of digital marketing.

Rating 4.8/5 in Google

We do have lots of positive ratings, feedback, and online reviews from our client and we are one of the top-rated institute according to Google.

Competitive Prices

for the same services other company are charging tomuch amount. we provide these services at most affordable cost.

our top 8 Methods of Digital Marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing targeted keywords or key phrases in order to get higher rankings in the search engine's natural or organic results. One of the major benefits of the search engine optimization is that it provides traffic, visitors and leads without investment. You are able to promote your websites, blogs, social profiles, YouTube videos on search engine and you can probably increase your sales online without any investment. This is one of the free methods of the digital marketing platforms.

2. Content Marketing: Pay Per Click (PPC) is also an important and instant way of generating the leads and conversions. One of theimportant type of pay per click is Google Adwords where you are able to appear at the top positions of Google and you pay to Google for each click the user generated after searching on the Google.

3. Social Media Marketing: : Another one of the popular method of digital marketing is the usage of the power of social media platforms. Social media marketing is one of the bestand useful ways of marketing to increase the brand awareness and make your visibilityonline and in the most prominent way so that it stays in the sight of social media audiences. Once you are able to create and sustain this visibility effectively, you are able to generate leads and conversions using the social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp etc.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC):): Pay Per Click (PPC) is also a modern vital and instant approach of generating leads and conversions. One of the major types of pay per click is Google Adwords where you can appear at the top rank of Google and you pay to Google for every click the user click after searching on Google for the related terms to your business services or products..

5. Affiliate Marketing: This is another important form of digital marketing and it is one of the way of marketing by which the blog owners will be able to receive the commissions for promoting the products or services on their blogs or websites.

6. Marketing Automation: This way of marketing involves the use of software that automates your marketing operations. All the repetitive and scheduled marketing tasks can be done using the different kinds of marketing software such as emailing newsletters, updating the contact list, tracking of the campaign, tracking the leads and conversions etc..

7. Press releases:It is also an amazing way of digital marketing as it gives you an opportunity to appear in digital publications and magazines, blogs and other kinds of content-enriched websites. You can advertise your products or services usingthe reporters, news agencies, online PR platforms, etc..

8. Inbound Marketing:Inbound marketing involves engaging the visitors or audiences with the content marketing efforts. Using a very high quality and creative content on your blog and website can make your website attract visitors in the most effective way. designing and development : we do even provide the app development services to company at most affordable price and quality of product .

10. web designing and development :we do even provide the web designing services at most affordable cost and offers you quality services on time .

11. graphics designing services :our graphics designing services contains the most advanced team we help company in video editing ,photoshop, youtube management etc.

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Shyam- Digital Marketing

Shyam Gupta is the faculty for digital marketing, C,C++,web designing and hardware networking at NIAMC. He has extensive knowledge about ....

Geetika Mishra - ( Multimedia Professional )

A multimedia professional with 9+ years of experience in providing Multimedia with expertise in post-production and VFX.5+ years experience in Digital Marketing & handling digital social media content.

NIAMC Testimonials

  • NIAMC has given me really the best knowledge to with stand in my carrier i have just passed from D.U. was loking for skill i found NIAMC it has relly provided me great training thank you so much NIAMC.

    Praveen,New delhi
  • I was looking for the video editing course i found this NIAMC it really tought me nicly and now i am quite confidance regarding the vidio editing.I have my own you tube chanel and earning quite good as well.

    Deepak,kamla nagar
  • I did this photoshop editing course from NIAMC for school purpose. they are really nice and tought me very nicly thank you NIAMC.

    Neharika,shakti nagar